As a strategist, Prophet Muhammad stands a few notches taller than even the Indian prodigy — Chanakya

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
7 min readJun 8, 2020

Though Chanakya is well known for his strategy of “Saam (Ethical Means), Daam (Monetary Means) and Dand (Punitive Means)” to score a victory over the adversaries — it may come to you as a big surprise to learn that Prophet Muhammad stands a few notches taller than even Chanakya, in some respects if we look at the speed at which Islam is spreading its wings across the globe.

At present, Christianity is Numero Uno as a religion.

It is followed by about 29% of the world population while Islam is followed by about 24% of the world population.

But, according to Pew Research Center, Islam is well poised to hold the Numero Uno position by 2070 since though the overall population of the world is growing at a rate of 1.1% or 1.2%, the population of the Muslims is growing at a rate of 1.8%.

Let us look at the various reasons that let them grow at a faster pace.

How their strategy matches the “Saam Strategy”

Actually, the Qur’an allows the Muslims to have as many as — up to four wives.

Just imagine if anybody may have so many wives — how many children they may sire?

Though the Bible does not specify how many women the Christians may marry nor any scripture of Hindus specifies how many women they may marry; they, out of their own discretion, do not like to have more than one wife since they know — their country may run short of the resources if the population of their country is not kept under control.

But to the Muslims, it makes no difference since they are not concerned with things such as resources.

They only want to come out in the majority.

This provision explains the reason why the population of the Muslims has turned out to be 1.8% per annum which exceeds the overall growth of the world population of the world by 0.7%.

Even if someone may sire only two children per wife every Muslim adds six extra Muslims in the world as compared to the Christians or Hindus and Bahai’s — so to say.

Of course, such things hardly matter when your sole objective is only to achieve your goal.

How their strategy matches the “Daam Strategy”

There are more than hundred confederations spread out all over the world to promote Islam.

These bodies do not only act as watchdogs — they provide funds to let Islam proliferate.

How their strategy matches the “Dand Strategy”

A provision had been made by the Prophet in the Qur’an to let the Muslims maim or behead anybody who may criticize either Allah or the Qur’an.

For instance,

(i) The verse 2:19 and the verse 47:4 do not impose any restriction on them from slaying/ beheading/slaughtering the disbelievers, wherever they may encounter them.

(ii) The verse 5:33 does not impose any restraint on them from crucifying or chopping off the hands and the feet of the people who may wage war against Allah.

(iii) The verse 8:60 does not impose any restraint on them from terrifying the enemy of Allah.

(iv) The verse 9:5 does not impose any restraint on them from killing the idolaters/polytheists, wherever they may find them and take them prisoners and from sitting in wait for them at every place of ambush except during the sacred months.

We can understand this strategy better through the following flowchart.

Secondly, while there is no such provision in any other religion but if anybody born in a Muslim family — at least in twelve Muslim countries there is a provision of “death-penalty” for apostasy (changing the religion) for their offsprings and in most of the other Muslim countries there is a provision of some sort of severe punishment or another such as “life-imprisonment”.

However, it has sent an alarm all over the world.

The alarm it has sent all over the world

Though a lone Imam Gamah Fouda belonging to New Zealand, wants that Muslims abstain themselves from giving shape to such provisions — nobody is inclined to lend him, his ears.

Just imagine what would have happened if somebody would have killed the Bright Brothers if they would have disbelieved Islam?

It would have not been possible for anybody to travel by air today if they would have been killed according to the Islamic Theology.

In that case, don’t you think — it would have become a moral duty of all the Muslims to distance themselves from travelling by air?

Same is the case with the use of smart phones.

We are able to use smart phones, only because nobody killed any of the persons who made it possible for us to use the smart phones today.

There are thousands of people, whose innovations have gone into the evolution of the Internet and the evolution of the programming languages they use to develop various Apps — we are able to use on our smart phones.

Would we have been using smart phones if any of them would have been killed under the provisions of Islamic theology?

Would we have been using Internet if anybody would have killed any of them without whose contributions, the Internet couldn’t have seen daylight?

But did we flinch before we took it up with the smart phones or the Internet for banking and for all other purposes for which we use it today?

What would have happened if Bill Gates and his partner Paul Gardner Allen would not have given the Operating Systems known as “Windows” to the world?

Much the same — about travelling in the Bullet trains or Metros!

There is a great difference in killing an animal and killing a man.

For instance, just imagine — what would have happened if some Jihadist would have killed Albert Einstein since he was a Jew?

Who would have told us about the Theory of Relativity?

Or imagine — what would have happened if someone would have killed, say, Madame Curie?

Who would have found out the element Radium?

What I am trying to tell is — during the seventh century when the verses of Qur’an had been recited into the ears of the Prophet it was not customary to spend a fortune to become a qualified doctor, a qualified engineer, a qualified lawyer or as a specialist of any field.

So it did not matter much, whom they punished since in those days — formal education was not such an issue, as it is today (as shown in the following diagram).

In the past, it did not make a difference whom you maimed or whom you did not maim.

But it is not so, today.

You can’t treat a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer the same way as you would treat a layman.

We can’t treat a layman at par with a person who may bring such changes in the world as all these non-Muslims have brought due to their high level of intellectualism.

There is a difference in killing a layman and the people like Albert Einstein, Madame Curie, Bill Gates and Paul Gardner Allen.

How strange it is that we still insist on following the same religions as our ancestors had been following even though our entire pattern of life has undergone a total overhaul?

Though we have started travelling by air instead of using the bullock carts as a mode of transport since long — our religions haven’t witnessed even a wee bit of change.

We have to realize that if we want to avail the benefits of the progress being made in the medical field (that gives us new lease of life by getting the worn-out vital organs of our body replaced by healthy organs donated by others) or in the technological field (that lets us use smart phones, have on-line video-conferencing with our relatives or with our peers, or travel by air or by Bullet trains); we are not supposed to adhere to such obnoxious verses of Qur’an.

The fourth strategy that gives the Prophet a higher echelon

Islam does not follow only the three strategies of Chanakya; actually, it follows even a “strategy of looking in the same direction while praying to Allah, at the same time of the day” (the same way, as all Hindu ladies look toward the moon once a year, at a time when it rises into the sky on the day of “Karwa Chowth” — that too, with a heightened difference.

While the Hindu ladies do so only once a year — Muslims do so five times daily throughout their life.

The best part of this strategy is — meeting five times a day every day at the same place, lets them remain tied to each other for the whole life.



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