Footprints made by me on the sands of time

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
4 min readApr 29, 2022

Whenever we try to judge what may be true and what may not be true, we look at it from our present perspective only.

For instance, since we know that a dilute form of an allopathic medicine can’t be stronger than its concentrated form — we refused to agree that it should be possible for a dilute form of a homoeopathic medicine to be stronger than its concentrated forms even though it has been found to be true worldwide by all homoeopathic doctors.

According to me, one of the possible ways is to agree that such a thing may be possible that besides the things we are familiar with say, things such as Allopathic Medicines, things such as Homoeopathic Medicines also exist in the universe.

The same way as we came to know by the end of the last century that though we had in our mind that only such things exist in the universe the existence of which can be demonstrated by us with the help of some known technique, we came to know that it was not so.

The discovery of “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” are some of the things, the existence of which can’t be demonstrated with any known technique. It can be only justified through what is known as “Deductive Reasoning”. So, we have to admit that not only the type of things such as “Homeopathic Medicines” — some such things as “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” also exist in the universe.

In other words, not just one, three types of things exist in the universe as has been depicted by me through the following diagram in my recent book “Not One — We have Three Domains of Science”.

Once we make up our mind that since three types of things exist in the universe we should also agree that what had been speculated by Masaru Emoto (1943–2014), the Japanese Practitioner of Alternative Medicine, that since water gets transformed into many different shapes of ice crystals, water may have more than one type of molecules. was quite valid.

If instead of going into a denial mode, the scientists would have not gone into such mode, they would have surely, by now, found out that he may have not been wrong the way, not only I have found out — I have gone full stream to explain that water seems to have following three types of molecules instead of just one type of molecule, in this book.

I have also explained in the book that if we may assume that water may be using one of the variants as the binary bit “0”; one of the variants as the binary bit “1”, it may still be having one more bit in the form of the third variant to specify whether the data is “visual” or “audio”.

It is quite possible that what shape of snowflakes may be getting formed depends on what amount of each variant of molecules are present in the water.

It, anyway, dispels the doubt we have had until now about the ability of water to store any audio or visual data in its memory as had been demonstrated by Prof Bernd Kröplin at the Aerospace Institute in Stuttgart, Germany by making the structure of water visible by applying drops of water to slides and looking at them under a dark field microscope. He showed that an image of a flower and an image of salad remained in the water after a flower or salad was immersed in the water, as has been described in the blog

But certainly we can’t say that it may not be possible for water to store audiovisual data in its molecules.

Besides this revelation, the author has dwelled upon even many other such issues that were also being disputed until now in the book.

For instance, how Vedic astronomers could have at all calculated that the Earth is situated at a 108-times-the-diameter-of-the-Sun distance from the Sun as far back as about 6000 years back since it couldn’t have been possible for them to have measured the diameter of the Sun. He guesses that they may have calculated it in the manner as has been depicted in the following diagram.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Of course, it took me 82 years to make these footprints.

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