How clairvoyants manage to predict the future events without any tangible inputs?

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
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Don’t you get surprised how Baba Vanga should have been able to predict more than fourteen years in advance that the 44th president of the US would be an African American, despite living in a far off country of Europe, despite being blind and despite not getting any inputs on the political developments taking place in America?

She was a clairvoyant all right but question arises in the mind, what goes into the making of a clairvoyant?

Since this was not the only prediction to have startled people across the world many of her other predictions have also come out to be true we can’t say — clairvoyance must be only a buzz.

So let us try to find out how she could have at all got into place as a clairvoyant.

As we know, she was born on January 31, 2011 two months ahead of the due date in the town of Strumica of Yugoslavia (Bulgaria) with her ears stuck to the head and her fingers on both arms and feet stuck together as well. So nobody knew whether she was going to even survive or not. Her mother had died when she was hardly three years old and her father had been arrested by the Turks since he had joined the rebels.

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At the age of twelve when she had gone to see a fountain on the outskirts of Novo Selo with her cousins, she was blown up into the sky by very strong winds and had fallen down in some crop fields as far as 2 kilometres away from that place with her both eyes filled with dust and mud due to which she lost her vision despite having been operated twice.

But these sorts of incidents keep on happening off and on. If such instances could have made anyone clairvoyant we would have had lots many clairvoyants by now. So we can’t attribute her clairvoyance to such an incident having occurred in her life.

Since she was blind, we can’t say that she could have seen the future events occurring just as we see a video film.

To be a clairvoyant does not have anything common with astrology either because usually an astrologer can’t tell anything about a person if he did not know his/her date and time of birth.

But, unlike astrologers, clairvoyants don’t predict the future events based on the position of the stars.

A clairvoyant tells things about the future which gives us an impression as though he/she has travelled into the future and is seeing what is happening in front of his/her eyes.

Beside it, there is one more difference in what a clairvoyant tells us and what an astrologer tells us.

For instance, before she died in 1996 from breast cancer, she had predicted that her gift would be passed on to a 10 year old girl, living in France, who will then take on from her. Astrology does not let anyone predict things of this nature based on the positions of the stars.

Unlike astrologers, clairvoyants describe the future events in a manner as though they are seeing the scenes of the future the way we see dreams while sleeping.

The way we don’t see dreams through our eyes — they also don’t see what is happening through their eyes. They see these things happening through the eyes of their mind as if the movie is being screened over a “virtual screen” not a “real screen” of the type over which we see a movie in a cinema hall.

This explains how she could have seen the scenes of the future events despite being blind. We are able to see dreams only during nights when we are sleeping but she could have seen dreams even when not sleeping during daytime also because she could have not seen anything through her eyes even during daytime.

But it does not solve the mystery. The mystery is how anyone may at all predict anything without any tangible inputs without fetching details of the developments that could eventually unfold themselves into occurrence of such events.

Of course, we get a clue from the Indian scriptures from what are known as “Brahma Vakyas” in Hindi.

Actually according to Hinduism Nature lets everything the people, who may have never spoken a lie in their life and may have led a Satvik life (Chaste life, abstaining from all vices), may speak in their life subconsciously also become a “Brahma Vakya”, an impeccable truth.

While clairvoyance assumes the possibility of seeing what was going to happen in future, which is quite “unrealistic”, the concept of “Brahma Vakya” is not so unrealistic. The same way as seeds of a plant grow into plants — “Brahma Vakyas” also serve as the “seeds of the future events” that progressively grow into actual events with time by putting everything in a perspective that finally ends up in the occurrence of such events as they may have spelt.

May be, knowingly or unknowingly she would have led a Satvik life abstaining from all vices as specified in the Hindu literature for as long as seven years or more to have been able to acquire the power of speaking “Brahma Vakyas”.

The concept of “Brahma Vakyas”, explained in simple words, implies that whatever they would speak would take the shape of truth only — in its due course.

Surely you would be amused to get to know some of her other razor-sharp “Brahma Vakyas” also besides her prophesy about the president of the US.

List of some of her other “Brahma Vakyas”

  • China will become the new super power by 2018 bringing an end to the economy of United States.
  • There won’t be a third world war.
  • Scientists would find a cure for Cancer and HIV/AIDS through a medicine made from iron.
  • In 1960, she predicted that around 2018–2020 scientists will initiate projects for producing helium-3 energy from space.
  • In 1970 she had predicted that around 2020, trains will be charged with sun-energy and oil extraction will stop.
  • Around 2050, people will travel to other worlds with a speed 10 times faster than the speed of light.
  • In 200 years, humans will make a contact with their “brothers in mind” from another planet.
  • A time will come when borders will disappear and people will live together in peace and cooperation.
  • We are not alone on this planet. An extraterrestrial intelligence exists, and humans will make contact with it one day.
  • Hungarians will be the first to contact citizens from another planet though this may take more than 200 years.
  • Humans will travel to Venus in search of new energy sources and may even set up a colony there.
  • Every nation has its star that recharges it with energy. But some nations have a planet instead of a star. The nations that have a planet instead of a star will die out just as a candle dies out when there is a strong wind.
  • If people did not check pollution, a day will come when different plants, vegetables, and animals will start disappearing from the earth and by 3797, everything on Earth will cease to exist. However, humans will be advanced enough to move to colony set up by them on some other planet (conceived by her as a new star system).

· We all will go to the other world one by one but planet Earth and humanity will remain. Our planet existed for billions of years, and will exist for many more years before the apocalypse.

Of course, she used to answer queries of the individuals also and it is no less amusing that according to Dr Lozanov who had interviewed about 2000 visitors, 70% of the visitors had confirmed that she had made cent per cent accurate predictions for them.



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