If Baba Vanga would have been an Indian — Indians may have been worshipping her as a Goddess

Whenever the Indians find that somebody has some rare capability and they are not able to find what should have made it possible for such a person acquiring such capability they, quite often, start treating such a person as an incarnation of God.

Look at the case of the Bulgarian lady Baba Vanga (1911- 1996), for instance — who could have not only told the people who used to ask her whether such and such of their relatives had survived after the WW-2 and if they were alive — where they could have looked out for them under the sun; she could have even guessed things such as that the 44th President was going to be a black American about as many as twenty years ahead of the date of the presidential election even though she had neither ever visited the US even once in her entire life nor she could have read any international newspapers.

No broadcasts over a radio or on any TV could have given her even a dim hint about any such possibility, either.

Should it not have startled everybody — how she could have been able to make such a forecast so many years ahead of the presidential elections held in the year 2008?

Startling though — it is a known fact that none of the people who ever met her had ever thought that it should have been a God-given gift to her.

An idea of treating her as a goddess did not ever occur to anybody in the West till today.

But do you doubt, if she would have been an Indian — people here would have, most probably, given her a status of a goddess long back?

Anyway, let us think about what should have made her so different from the rest of the world.

If you asked me about it — I think that God seems to have provided us with a System akin to the Google System — we are not much aware of the same way as we have been provided even with a “GPS System” of a kind.

And I have my own reasons — why, I think so.

By the Google System — I refer to the system of writing our query in the Google’s search box and the ability of the Google to search various websites, available on the internet, to throw up an answer just in a jiffy.

The way the Human Google System seems to work — according to me

It is quite possible that when somebody poses any query about some such thing for which people used to flock around her — this system splits our subconscious mind into two parts — a “For-Part” and an “Against-Part” much the same way as we, in the schools, divide the debaters into two groups — A group that debates “For” and another group that debates “Against” an issue of debate.

Supposing our subconscious mind may have thought of some probable answer — the “For-Part” may be putting for the possibility of “yes” and the other part may be putting forth the possibility of “no”; and after having heard to the debates of the both parts, it may be arriving at some decision in the form of “yes” or “no” and maybe keeping on analysing all other options one after another, till it did not arrive at the “right answer” in case of all human beings but with a difference.

Vanga had an edge over all other human beings.

The edge Vanga should have had over all other human beings

How far into the future, we may be able to guess what is going to happen — depends on our power of imagination as well as on the average life-span of the man.

Just imagine how long is the life span of the souls as compared to the life spans of human beings — almost “infinite”, as we believe?

Naturally, we can’t match them in respect of the things they can imagine and what we can imagine since our usual life span is only up to about eighty or a little more than eighty years say, at the best, up to one hundred and thirty years or so.

It is through imagination only that she was able to answer all questions people used to ask her by letting her subconscious mind work on all possible answers by ruling out all inadmissible answers — one by one.

I think — she had learnt the art of taking the help of her soul.

Do you remember her saying, “I see lots of birds flying above me whenever I make any such revelation?”

Could these birds not be anything other than the souls who may be comparing notes on the query referred by her soul to them?

No doubt, you may be feeling uncomfortable at my bringing in the very concept of the souls into the picture.

Actually, you don’t have to feel a bit nauseated at it.

There are so many things that had been though conceptualised thousands of years back; have taken a practical shape hardly a decade back.

For instance, take the case of the concept of “Vasudheiv Kutumbkam” (in Sanskrit), that is — literally, the concept of treating the entire universe as a family.

Though such concept had crossed the minds of the “Indian intellectuals” (who were known as “Rishies” and “Munies” in India, during those days — thousands of years back), it has been possible to give this concept a practical shape only after the launch of Facebook, WhatsApp and, say, Instagram or Youtube over internet.

It is by virtue of these Apps only that, today, we can include even the people belonging to practically the entire world in our social circle.

If the concept of “Vasudheiv Kutumbkam” could have seen the light of the day, should we doubt — someday, even the concept of souls may also see the light of the day?

It is just a matter of a few more years, at the best — as I foresee.

Do you know — God has provided us even the like of what we know as the “Reverse Image Search”?

When we look at something our mind just invokes our “Reverse Image Search System” to get it matched with all the images we have in our mental archives to figure out what we are seeing — a mountain, a cycle, a baby, a smartphone or whatsoever.

But the fact is “Reverse Image Search System” also works on a system of only digging out something out of what is already available on the net.

Obviously to have told about the following types of things do not belong to a process of digging out something that may have been already known to even any souls.

(i) The Brexit

(ii) The Thailand Tsunami

(iii) The 9/11 terror attack

(iv) The rise of ISIS

(v) The sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk in the year 2000

(vi) The rise of Vladimir Putin to power

(vii) The mysterious illness that will strike down US President Donald Trump?

Only her soul could have made all guesswork for her, not the way say, as the Greek geographer Eratosthenes could have mathematically calculated even during 5th century BC that the shape of the earth resembles a spherical ball even without having ever gone out into the outer space the way our astronauts can see the shape of the earth from the outer space.

It was not necessary for him to have gone to the outer shape to see whether the earth is round or not.

The same way, though it may look like a fairy tale — the fact is, she couldn’t have told such things without having taken help of the souls that appeared to be flying like birds in the sky in her imagination since she was blind by her eyes.



A mechanical engineer,born in year 1939, lives in Lucknow, India. Has authored five books. Website https://sawhneysite.wordpress.com; Facebook sawhney.lko

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Subhash Chandra Sawhney

A mechanical engineer,born in year 1939, lives in Lucknow, India. Has authored five books. Website https://sawhneysite.wordpress.com; Facebook sawhney.lko