If Law of Attraction has to be true — this corollary of the law should be also true

Let us try to investigate whether the Law of Attraction makes sense or not.

Certainly, you would have heard about the Law of Attraction.

If not, here is a simple way to understand what it is all about.

Suppose, you hang some object near the entrance of your house of the type such as the one shown below and start believing that it is an auspicious object.

Over a time, you would discover that it has actually become auspicious.

Do you know what should be making it auspicious in this manner?

The Law of Attraction explains it.

Once you start thinking that something is true even if it may not be true and your mind also accepts it to be true; it starts attracting such energy from outside that makes it really true over a time.

Actually, it is the same principle that works when we pray before the idols of the gods with the belief that the gods shall listen to our prayers when we pray before their idols.

Not only when we pray before the idols; the same principle works even when some astrologer tells us what is going to happen in our life according to the position of the stars.

Now, let me talk about the corollary of this law as had been perceived by me way back in the year 1991 when I published my first book “Productivity Management — Concepts and Techniques”.

The corollary of the law perceived by me way back

As per the “Law of Attraction” unless our mind, itself, revolts to the thoughts we have in our mind — it tunes itself to such thoughts as if such thoughts happen to be true even if they may not be true.

With this belief it occurred to me that should it be so, the following corollary of this law should be also true.

“If you want to do some such things in your life that people of the world may remember you for your type of contributions — your mind shall attract such thoughts that may let you do such things due to which people of the world may remember you after you leave the Earth once for all.”

And if you want to know how to test whether it is true or not — here is the way how to test it.

In this book, I had elaborated the benefits of using the “Geometric Mean Approach” instead of the usual “Arithmetic Mean Approach” to calculate various indices such as the Index of Productivity, as explained below.

We calculate the value of an Index as follows by using the Arithmetically Weighted Approach.

Arithmetically Weighted Index P = (w1.P1+w2.P2+w3.P3+ …..+wn.Pn)/n.

Where w1, w2, w3 …wn are the “Weightage Factors” of various Indices of Productivity P1, P2, P3, …. Pn assigned in a manner that (w1+w2+w3+ …+wn) = 1.

To use this approach, we have to assign the values of w1, w2, w3 … wn to P1, P2, P3, ..Pn and the value of P depends on the values we may have assigned to w1, w2, w3 … wn.

So the value of P calculated in this manner gives us a different value of P depending on the values assigned to w1, w2, w3 … wn.

But it is not so if we calculate the value of P, as follows.

P = (P1.P2.P3 … Pn) ^ (1/n)

All values of w1, w2, w3, … wn shall give us the same value of “P”, whatsoever may be the values of w1, w2, w3, … wn, as long as (w1.w2.w3 … wn) ^ (1/n) = 1.

Though the method suggested by me has gone unnoticed, until now — I believe that if at any stage, people start using the “Geometric Mean Approach, they shall remember that I had proposed this Approach and that day would be my “Red Letter Day”.

Though it may so happen only after I leave this world — it shall prove that this corollary of the Law of Attraction is “TRUE”.

If not due to this, if this corollary has to be “TRUE” — I may be remembered due to some of the following things that my mind happened to attract by the virtue of this corollary of the Law of Attraction.

1. Creation of the awareness that though the sunrays spread out in 360° x 360° directions not even 0.0001 % of them fall on the Earth

I created the awareness of this fact through the following diagram shown by me in my book “Existence of God” on page 23 in the chapter “Waste Control Systems of God”.

2. The manner, in which we can branch out the X, Y and Z Cartesian Axes to show physical dimensions beyond three dimensions

On October 2, 2019, in my answer to a question “Is the Cartesian system smart enough to show more than three orthogonal dimensions?” on Quora; I had explained how we can show as many dimensions under the Cartesian System as we like through the following diagram with an example of showing not only the year, the month, the date, the hours, the minutes and the seconds but even whether this time is as per the Gregorian system or some other system using this technique. [1]

Of course, instead of specifying the dimensions a, b and c simply as (a, b, c) — we shall have to express them on the following pattern.

(x = a, y = b, z = c, xy = d, xyz = e, yx = f, yzx = g, yzy = h ….and so on).

3. The manner, in which we may understand how many physical dimensions exist in the universe and how many levels of relativity exist in the universe

Beyond any doubt, a solid object may have at the most only three dimensions but the paths traced by them in space may have multiple dimensions.

Though many people think that nothing can be multidimensional — it is not at all so.

Though it is very uncertain to guess what may be the maximum number of dimensions that exist in the universe, I have tried to answer the question “How many dimensions are there in our universe?” in a very easily understandable manner, on Quora by linking them with various “Levels of Relativity”. [2]

4. The manner, in which we may bridge the gap between the tropical year and the Gregorian year

Though Julius Caesar had made remarkable work by having streamlined the calendar, it was found that the Julius year did not synchronise with the Tropical year.

So, in the year 1582 on October 5, Pope Gregory 1 introduced the Gregorian calendar by discarding three leap years, divisible by 100 (but not by 400) as leap years over a period of four centuries.

But it has been observed that even this change in the Julius System, does not fully synchronise the Gregorian year with the Tropical year.

The length of the Tropical year is about 365.24219 days while the average length of the Gregorian year over a period of 400 years, works out to be 365.2425 days; which makes it longer by about 0.00031 than the Tropical year day per year.

So, it calls for shedding one more leap year.

But a question arises — over how many years?

Supposing it has to be shed over N years — we can, very easily, calculate the value of N, as follows.

N = 1/0.00031 = 3225.8 years, say, 3226 years.

Since it has already covered 438 yearss obviously, we can synchronise both years by shedding one more leap year over the next “3226–438” years, that is, by October 5, 4808, as I have mentioned on Quora in my answer to such query.[3]

5. The manner, in which everything could have been created out of just nothing in the universe

It is not only Stephen Hawkins who had theorised that nothing should have existed before Big Bang; I justified it in my own way in the article “Beyond doubt, everything could have been created out of ‘nothing’ ”, which had appeared on Medium.com on November 4, 2020. [4]

In this article, I also explained through the following diagram, how though the Sun may keep on emitting the sunrays, yet it is quite possible that, someday, no light my reach the Earth.

So, what do you think, “Does the Law of Attraction make sense or not?”


[1] https://www.quora.com/Is-the-Cartesian-system-smart-enough-to-show-more-than-three-orthogonal-dimensions?q=Is%20Cartesian%20System%20smart%20enough%20to-3F%20

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[4] https://subhashchandrasawhney.medium.com/beyond-doubt-everything-could-have-been-created-out-of-nothing-bf8225999e5c



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