Is dilation of time not a part of Para-science?

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
4 min readOct 27, 2023

As all of us understand — time is not a tangible thing.

Until now we only thought that only tangible things may dilate but is it not true that we are now convinced that even time may dilate?

Though Albert Einstein told us that time also dilates, we have to believe that he was not wrong since we have to adjust the precision of GPS (as well as other similar positioning systems such as GLONASS or BeiDou) has to be adjusted based on satellite triangulation.

But is anything wrong if we treat the concept of dilation of time as a part of Para-science?

We may say the concept of Mainstream Science has become old.

Have the concepts of “dilation of time” and the “warping of the space-time fabric” not already become parts of mainstream science?

Not only the concepts of “dilation of time” and the “warping of the space-time fabric”, even the concepts of “dark matter” and “dark energy” are a part of Para-science which have also made an entry into the orb of mainstream science.

Is it not true that we can’t prove their existence in the same way as we can demonstrate the existence of all other things we had known till the astronomers did not tell us about the existence of dark matter and dark energy?

Don’t we define Para-Science as the science related to the incomprehensible concepts?

So why we should not admit that the concepts of dark matter and dark energy form a part of Para-science as well as a part of mainstream science?

As we know — the founders of modern science had told the world that it was not scientific to believe in any such things, the truth of which could not be physically verified.

Let us name the science they relied upon at that time “Mainstream Science”.

But over a time, the scientists admitted that we may cover even the things the truth of which could not be verified physically but could be justified mathematically within the fold of “Mainstream Science” — things such as the concepts of “Barycenters” and “Dilation of Time”.

Have these concepts not become a part of mainstream science by now?

By the beginning of the 21st century, it was admitted that we may include even the things the truth of which may not be verified physically but could be justified theoretically (or based on “Deductive Reasoning”) within the fold of “Mainstream Science” — the things such as “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy”.

Now they are on the threshold of admitting even things such as “Consciousness” into the fold of “Mainstream Science” based on “Quantum mechanics”.

We may portray these reforms in the following diagram.

“Classical Science” seems to have taken a backseat.

The fourth quadrant of this circle is the in-thing.

We may, very well, compare mainstream science with the “a” part of complex numbers and Para-science with the “ib” part of complex numbers.

Of course, I am quite curious to know if it could be concluded that something such as “dark matter” should exist in the universe since unless it exists it should not be possible for the stars situated closer to the center of our galaxy to travel at the more or less same speed at which the stars situated near the edge of the galaxy travel (even though we can neither see it nor can physically prove its existence) why nobody is satisfied that based on the same logic (the logic of “Deductive Reasoning”), it should have also not been possible for as many children to accurately recall things related to their past life even though they never visited such places ever after their birth — as has been documented by Dr Ian Stevenson and his team years back unless souls should be also existing and getting reincarnated?

So in a way, we have already laid a red carpet for the entry of “Para-science”, into the orb of “Mainstream Science”.

Any doubt — the day science admits that souls, too, exist in the universe and they get reincarnated — we would readily accept “Para-science” also as an integral part of Mainstream Science.

If we have made “Dark matter” and “Dark Energy” a part of “Mainstream Science” based on “Deductive Reasoning” it, very much, stands to reason to make the “Souls” also a part of “Mainstream Science” based on “Deductive Reasoning”.



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