Mysteries surrounding the souls and their transplantation

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
7 min readJul 7, 2019

The biggest mystery about the souls surrounds the argument “We have, very minutely, dissected each and every part of the human body but have never come across anything that should have looked like a soul” put forth by the anatomists.

The fact is the cadavers don’t even have a soul. So, it makes no sense looking for a soul when they dissect a human body.

It was all right when we did not know that hardly 2 per cent of our DNA is built of proteins. So there is a reason to believe that souls may not be a type of protein.

Actually the fact that the light-rays coming from the stars get deflected by the gravitational force exerted on them by the stars that fall on their way, even though they are supposed to be mass-less, compels us to redefine “matter” as a substance that lets us measure its “physical denominators”, such as the mass, the density, various coefficients such as the coefficient of elasticity, the coefficient of thermal expansion etcetera.

So, now we treat even the light-rays as a “matter” since we can measure their two “physical denominators” — the “wavelength” and the “amplitude”.

The scientists have been, so far, calling only substantive things as matter but they call even the cosmic dark matter as “matter” even though it is not only believed to be mass-less; we have not been able to measure even any of its physical denominator, so far.

Nor there is any hope of identifying any denominator that we may hope to measure such as “wavelength” or “amplitude”.

Yet, we have no reservation to call the “dark matter” a type of “matter”.

Though the souls may not be classified as a “cosmic dark matter”, we may definitely think of it as something that has been dubbed as “biological dark matter [1]”.

So, it trashes the concept that souls may be merely something “phantasmagorical”.

It may be, very much, something covered by the 98 per cent non-protein part of DNA.

As such there should be no confusion — the souls can’t be dissected just as we can dissect other anatomical parts of the body, say, the brain, the eyes, the heart or the liver on a dissection table.

Though it is true — we can’t establish the existence of the souls by taking their photographs but we have enough observations in our basket to prove that the souls are not just something — chimerical.

The observations that serve as evidence for the existence of the souls

Though it is true that we can’t see the souls; it is also true that we can’t explain — why, most of the times, the twins born to the same parents exhibit attitudes and the habits that neither match each other’s attitudes and habits nor do they match with the attitudes and the habits of their parents, without acceding that we don’t inherit simply the genes of our parents, we should be inheriting “something” else also — besides their genes.

A question arises — what is that “something”?

This question gets us to what we call the “soul”, as an answer.

Though our physical features depend on the genes inherited by us from our parents; our attitudes and habits (during childhood) match the attitudes and habits of the person whose soul gets transplanted into our body.

The fact that we have encountered so many cases of such children from all across the world who could have told where the persons, whose soul must have got grafted in their corpus, should have resided (even though they had never visited such a place ever after their birth), the names of their parents, the names of their brothers and sisters as well the names of their spouses (if they should have had any) and even the names of their children (if they should have had any) proves that the memories of our past life do not die when we die.

If our memories would have died when we die — nobody should have been able to recall anything related to anybody’s past life.

Since such children use the words “I used to live in such and such house in such and such city”; we refer to the events narrated by them as if they should have occurred in their own past life.

If we use the same terminology as we are much familiar with these days; we may say — the memories of past life get uploaded on some celestial website from where they get downloaded into our ROM (Read Only Memory), when we are reborn.

We may even stipulate that such memories may not be getting uploaded without some “ID” of the deceased person, tagged on to them which could comprise his (or her) “Date of Death (DOD)”,“Place of Death (POD)” and the “Time of Death (TOD)”, whose soul may have been inherited by us.

However, though most of the people, who have come to terms with such a concept of reincarnation of the souls; people of most of the countries (except India), do not seem to be much aware of the concept of “prarabdha” since they do not have any parallel word in their languages.

Even the Brits have not considered it necessary to have either borrowed this word from Hindi nor have they coined a word of their own having the same meaning.

So, I am taking the liberty of throwing some light on the concept of “prarabdha”.

A brief on the concept of “prarabdha

The concept of prarabdharallies on the theme that we, not only, get what we may have to get in our life by virtue of the karmas of the person whose soul gets transplanted into our body; neither anybody can ever shove away what may be due to us by virtue of the past-life karmas of such person nor can anybody ever block any of such things from happening, as may have to happen in our life by virtue of his (or her) past-life karmas.

The word “prarabdha” is used for what we are supposed to get in our life or what may have to happen in our life by virtue of only the past-life karmas of the person whose soul gets grafted into our body.

Prarabdha”, of course, does not cover the things we do consciously in our life.

We may know — what may happen in our life by virtue of the things done by us consciously but we never know what was going to happen in our life or what we stand to gain or lose in our life on account of our “prarabdha”.

We may also say — it covers only such of the things that come to us as a big surprise, in our life.

I hope the following anecdote linked to Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, explains the concept of “prarabdha”, quite a bit.

Never mind even if it may not be a real story so long as it serves its purpose.

Explaining the exact sense of the word “prarabdha

One night, when President Obama took out his wife for a casual dinner to a restaurant, the restaurant owner requested their secret service commandoes to oblige him to have a talk with Mrs Obama.

Michelle met the restaurant owner but when she came back, Obama asked her out of curiosity — why this guy was so keen to talk to her?

Michelle told him that he was madly in love with her during her teens, to which President Obama remarked, “Had you married him, you would have been, today, the owneress of this restaurant.”

To which, Mrs Michelle Obama quipped, “No, if I would have married him, he would have become the President of the U.S., instead of you.”

If we took the joke seriously, what do you think — why Michelle shouldn’t have got married to her lovebird?

According to the concept of “prarabdha”, it was not in the “prarabdha” of this man to have wed her.

But if it was not in the “prarabdha” of this man to have wed her, what should have made her marry the Obama?

A simple answer to this question is — because it was in her “prarabdha” to have become the first lady of the U.S.A.

According to the concept of “prarabdha”, what has to happen in our life takes a shape by itself — by hook or crook.

Though our “prarabdha” brings forth such opportunities in our life — it does not compel us to grab them or to dump them.

We may bypass some of them with an ardent hope to get a better opportunity — and wait till a better opportunity comes our way instead of making the most of the opportunities that come our way by virtue of our “prarabdha”,

But where we end up in our life depends on which opportunities we avail and which opportunities we miss.

This explains why many of our colleagues either take lead over us or are left behind us in the race of life.

Though, sooner or later, we may discover that the souls, as well as the memories of the past life and even our “prarabdha” get woven into what has been designated as “biological dark matter”; nobody can tell — how many decades it may take.

Since we have started treating the “dark matter” as a type of matter, nobody should mind if we treat the souls also as a part of the “biological dark matter” — instead of being cynical about it.





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