Only those people lead an unhappy life who resort to negative thinking

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
6 min readJan 4, 2021

We know — what is Positive Thinking.

We also know — what is Negative Thinking.

But have you ever thought of the third type of thinking that lies in between “Positive Thinking” and “Negative Thinking”?

Yes, there is yet one more type of thinking — the type when your thoughts are neither positive nor negative.

We may call it “Equatorial Thinking”.

You would be surprised to know that our body develops antibodies to fight with the viruses only when our mind is in an Equatorial Phase — neither in Positive Phase nor in Negative Phase.

In the normal course, our mind is in such a state when we are fast asleep.

But perhaps, our body is capable of developing not only antibodies — it is capable of developing even anti-ageing hormones in our body when we are in such a state of mind.

If we force ourselves to go into an Equatorial State, that is, when we neither think — we have grown old nor do we think that we have not grown old; we enter into this state of mind which lets our brain start creating Reverse Ageing Hormones in our body.

Though it may surprise you the fact is — it calls for misleading our subconscious mind about its conception that we have grown old by bluffing it.

However, it would be better if you understood what is meant by Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking the way I understand them.

We can very well understand what is meant by Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking through the following example.

Just take the case of an old man who may have been served by his cook soup along with goulash and four dumplings for his lunch in his cabin and after he has finished with his lunch — two different types of ideas come into his mind.

Negative Idea

That he may rebuke the cook for having brought goulash far in excess quantity than what was sufficient for eating four dumplings.

Positive Idea

That he could have told her that the soup was very tasty and he enjoyed the lunch to his heart.

Since normally it is not expected that both types of ideas may come into anybody’s mind like this you may be wondering how both types of ideas may come in any body’s mind.

Both types of ideas may come in our mind when we are in an equatorial mode of mind.

Should I tell you that both types of ideas had come into my mind on 1st January 2021 when my cook had served me soup, goulash and dumplings?

And I even know why I was in an Equatorial Mode on that day.

The incident that let me enter into an Equatorial Mode of mind on 1st January 2021

It so happened that I was in a very pensive mood on 1st January 2021.

So, I went to see my daughter at about 8 a.m., when she was preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

As I met her, she had asked me, “Is everything alright?” to which, I had answered, “Not quite!”

When I told her “Not quite!”, she hail-stormed me by telling, “I thought you would tell me something good on the beginning of the New Year but instead; you have filled my mind with so much negativity that it may spoil my whole day.

“I don’t know why you have made yourself so negative.

“Think of only positive things of your past achievements such as you had won a gold medal in your college and all such good things.

“You, perhaps, do not know that I have to conduct two Caesarean operations right now and you may spoil even my whole day by talking about only negative things.”

It gave me a feeling as if she had thrown me out of an aeroplane down on the Earth.

I told her, “You are right. I am sorry for it and I get your point.”

But the fact is — when she cautioned me that unless I changed the negativity even those people who visited me out of courtesy would also stop visiting me one by one — it made an amazing impact on my mind.

Especially so, since she even warned me that if I kept on thinking only why everyone did not act in the manner I expected them to act — I may turn into a paranoid and made me aware of the type of life that loomed in front of me if I continued with so much negativity that I had harboured in my mind.

I can’t forget how much obliged I felt for her for having made me understand how big liability I was going to pose to my family if, may god forbid; I turned into a paranoid?

This incident led me to shudder with fear by remembering the case related to a guy, aged about 80 or 84 years, who had gone into a depression since he was not sure how was he going to spend the rest of his life since nobody contacted him for the whole day except his servants.

When he talked to his wife that, at least, she should provide him, her company once a while; she told him that since he had never provided her, his company since more than twenty years, she had evolved a routine of leading a life of a woman whose husband thought only about himself — not even about his wife or anybody else. So he, too, should learn how to cope with life when he had nobody to provide him, a company at this age.

When she told him that even his children could not provide him the company sought by him since they are also quite busy in their chores, he went into depression.

Somebody advised him to consult some psychiatrist.

When he visited a psychiatrist, he told him that if he thought only about his deteriorating health all the time — his health would worsen further even though he may not be having any such problem as was being visualized by him.

He told him that if he engaged his mind about some other things instead of only his health he could go out of depression for which he gave him the following tip.

The tip given by the psychiatrist to him

The psychiatrist told him that from the next day onward, instead of confining himself into his room; he should come out of his room and sit under the open sky for a few minutes and imagine any empty carton kept in his room as a dustbin and identify things such as since such and such person had misbehaved with him he started disliking him or her.

Having identified such disturbing factors, he should imagine that he was dumping his grudges into this carton and repeat the same process for his all grudges one by one and then ask his driver to pick up this carton and dump it in some garbage bin.

He advised him to repeat this process for a few days till he found that he got rid of all grudges he may be having in his mind against the people whom he had started disliking in his life.

This gentleman followed this tip for a few days and he even pushed out his obsession that his health was deteriorating and now he found himself back in his normal spirits.

It is not that only elderly people run into a state of melancholy.

Even young couples, who start their day with a quarrel with their life-partner, also run into melancholy.

Here is an “interesting tip” even for such couples.

A furniture designer has come up with a unique idea of making an S-shaped sofa such as the one shown in the following photo, for the living rooms of such couples.

Photo of an S-shaped sofa

Even though, they may not at all use this sofa yet since it was going to remind them — how important it was for them to strike peace to lead a wholesome life.

To sum up, if you have melancholy brooding in your heart; you can pass on only “melancholy” to anybody who may come in contact with you.

So, it is necessary that we bid goodbye to all negative thoughts and imbibe only positive thoughts in our mind.



Subhash Chandra Sawhney

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