Some instances which adequately substantiate the ‘Theory of Reincarnation’

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
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As we know, science has still not given a clean chit to the Theory of Reincarnation for the reasons best known only to it even though we have some such evidences which adequately substantiate it.

In a way, these instances support the Theory of Reincarnation almost to the same extent to which the purported phenomena support the existence of dark matter and dark energy.

Here is a collection of some instances which should convince even the most sceptic person about the system of the memories of the past life getting carried forward.

The instance shared by Anand Dev Sharma on

This instance relates to his friend Jinea who is, pursuing her MD in the USA.

Both of them belong to the same place Bhatinda (a well-known city of Punjab).

As mentioned by him, she had raised a demand in December 2000, 4 months after her 3rd birthday, to visit Shri Ganganagar, Rajasthan — a town approximately 120 km away from Bhatinda.

Upon being asked the reason, she said, “My family lives there.”

Everyone in her family was shocked hearing her say that. It all happened for days when finally, her parents took her to a psychologist. When he directly conversed with Jinea, she told him about 120 acres of land, her cycle, the place where she used to keep her valuables and also some memories she made with her family.

Though it looked like a nightmare, the next morning the whole family went to that place and enquired about the family and the only son in the family opened the door. Jinea hugged him tightly calling him Veer ji (which means Brother in Punjabi). In the meantime, everybody came out. Her father told them while she was sharing her memories with her then mother, that everything she had told was correct. Her earlier father told her present father about the sudden death of their daughter in a road accident.

The very next day, Jinea told them about the accident in which she died and everyone there was dumb stuck. She even told her last conversation with her brother which took place just before the accident.

Though she loved both families but stayed with the present family. For about four years, they kept on visiting the Ganganagar family once a fortnight. But after 4 years, her memory of past life started diminishing and after some time she completely lost all of it.

The Ganganagar family not only accepted her as their daughter but promised to favor her till the very end including her wedding.

Does this instance not serve as adequate proof that something (generally referred to as our soul) works as a medium of carrying forward memories of the past life if anybody may die in some accident in such a manner in which she had died?

The most interesting thing about this instance is — it is not a unique case of this type.

Besides a similar case of a Lankan girl narrated by Dr Ian Stevenson in one of his books, who also remembered the incidents of her past life I have given an account of another observation of one more type made by me myself in my own family which also suggests that we seem to inherit a soul also besides the genes of our parents in chapter 3.1 titled “An observation that proves that besides the genes of our parents — we inherit a soul also” of my book “Not One — We have Three Domains of Science”.

The story of the Lankan girl

In this chapter, I have mentioned the case of the Lankan girl, which had been picked up by me from the blog “”.

As mentioned in the blog this toddler, one day, overheard her mother mentioning the name of an obscure town (“Katarangama”) that the girl had never been to.

But the girl informed the mother that she drowned there when her “dumb” (mentally challenged) brother pushed her into the river, that she had a bald father named “Herath” who sold flowers in a market near the Buddhist Stupa, that she lived in a house that had a glass window in the roof (a skylight), dogs in the backyard used to be tied up a Hindu temple, outside of which people smashed coconuts on the ground.

Though the girl did get a few things wrong, otherwise, 27 of the 30 idiosyncratic, verifiable statements she made panned out even though the two families had never met, nor did they have any mutual friends, co-workers, or other acquaintances in common.

So, if we take it all at face value she shouldn’t have been able to tell so many things so accurately unless we believed that when somebody dies, his or her memories don’t die with him/her.

This Sri Lankan case is one of Stevenson’s approximately 3000 such past-life cases which was published in 1997 in his 2,268-page, two-volume work called “Reincarnation and Biology”.

Since in so many cases, so many children could have told where they lived during their past life — could it have been possible unless something maybe whisking away our memory when we die and unless such thing may be preserving the memory somewhere safely until it may be planting it into the mind of some newborn baby?

Since such children use the words “I” and “my” in their narrations, the Hindus started using the term “rebirth of the person in whom the soul inherited by us should have resided during its last lifecycle”.

With our computer knowledge — we may say such a thing can be possible only if our soul may be taking a backup of the memory of the person in whom it should have resided, at the time of his/her death the way we take a backup of our files on a pen-drive; maybe uploading it on some website and maybe downloading it from there into the memory of its next host/hostess at the time of its reincarnation.

If any such thing whisks away our memory — does it make any difference by which name we call it?

It is this thing only that is known as the “soul” even though we can’t see it.

You may be thinking why should we accede to the existence of something we can’t see?

Well, if you think the proofs collected by Dr Stevenson are not enough — just guess how else a child can at all tell where he/she (that is, the person in whom the soul inherited by him/her should have been ensconced during its previous jaunt) lived during his/her previous life and what sort of things had happened in his/her previous life?

Is it not true that scientists have conceded that things such as dark matter and dark energy exist in the universe even though we can’t see them nor can we detect them through any apparatus or any instrument?

We may, at best, say that the things the existence of which may be justified only based on “Deductive Reasoning” as things belonging to the “Third Domain of Science”.

If recognition has been given to the existence of dark matter and dark energy assuming that such things may be invisible since they do not react with the baryonic matter — maybe, we can’t see the souls only because they also do not react with the baryonic matter.

If you are still not convinced, look at the following picture.

It shows a photo of an Indian toddler named Kaivalya from Nadigama town in Andhra Pradesh, who has captured global attention for her ability to identify an astonishing array of 120 different objects, ranging from birds and vegetables to animals and even photographs whose abilities have been registered as a world record in Noble World Records.

Just think — how it may be at all possible?

It may be possible only if what she should have known in her past life should have been downloaded in her memory when she should have been born — how else?



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