Sure enough — a binary part of the universe also exists we are not aware of only because we can’t see it

No doubt, it would not have been possible for us to have been able to see the like of the gas clouds some of which are around 12 or 13 billion years old if we would not have been able to build so powerful telescopes that let us see the things that are so many light-years away from us.

Even the composition of these clouds has been ascertained through spectroscopy by analysing the light that passes through them.

But do you think it tells us how the universe should have come into existence unless we also find out from where such clouds should have arrived?

Perhaps, the following diagram tells us how these clouds should have come into existence.

It explains — much the same way, as we can split zero into so many sets of positive and negative numbers, it should have been possible to split even “nothing” into two sets of things — the “things we can see” and the “things we can’t see”.

The gases these clouds consist of form a part of the visible universe.

The analogy of the evolution of the visible universe with the splitting of zero into two sets of numbers — positive and negative, gives us a clue that some invisible things should have also come into existence — we are not quite aware of only because such things are out of sight, out of “nothing” when such gases should have come into existence.

Since we have trillions of galaxies in the visible universes — just calculate from where the trigintillion tonnes of such gases that should have gone into the creation of so many galaxies should have arrived or who should have created so many tonnes of such gases at all?

Obviously — from nowhere.

So it draws upon us that when the “visible universe” we see in the form of so many galaxies should have come into existence; its binary part — an “invisible universe” should have emerged as a by-product.

In this context, I may draw your attention toward my article “Beyond doubt everything could have been created out of ‘nothing’”, which had appeared on “The Minds Journal” [1] on July 31, 2018.

Though in my article “The new research that has opened doors to believe how human beings should have come into existence” [2], which had appeared on on March 22, 2020, I had pitched upon the possibility of the evolution of all species of the living creatures of the Earth from some sort of larva or amoeba; it came to my mind that it would serve no useful purpose to have talked about any such possibility since it does not seem to be at all possible for a larva or an amoeba to have conceived the complex anatomy all creatures have besides the equally complex life support systems that are associated with them, themselves.

Though it is true that it couldn’t have been possible for them to have developed into various creatures but because all such creatures, somehow, got evolved — we can’t just raise our hands and be done with it.

Though you may not have stretched your mind over this issue, I have been scrambling about it very keenly — ever since my childhood.

The clue I have been able to clinch about the evolution of all living beings from scratch

Since we know that an “invisible universe” also exists; it compels us to think that the designs of the anatomies of all creatures should have somehow arrived from the “invisible universe” only.

Though none of us has seen the souls yet we know that we do have something in our body that imparts us, consciousness as long as we are alive but we lose our consciousness only because our soul leaves our body the moment we die.

Though so far, we have not been able to establish it — if we agree that the souls belong to the invisible universe from where they should be repatriating to the visible universe and maybe going back from the visible universe to the invisible universe when we die, it not only solves the riddle where do the souls go when we die, it also solves the riddle — “Who should have furnished the designs of all living creatures?”

We may safely let in that the souls only should have facilitated the process of development of all types of trees from the algae and all types of creatures on the Earth from the larvae or amoebas.

Though the list of the things we have been able to discover is pretty long let us hope, someday we also discover the technique of splitting “nothing” into two components — the “visible component” and the “invisible component”.

And when we discover such technique, obviously — it would go down in history as the most remarkable discovery to ever go on record.




A mechanical engineer,born in year 1939, lives in Lucknow, India. Has authored four books. Website; Facebook sawhney.lko