The evaluation of the impact of the Stellar Energy on our mind

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
6 min readAug 28, 2020


Our health does not depend on only the type of food we eat.

If we may call the type of health that depends on the type of food we eat “Anatomical Health” — we may have to use some term even for the type of health that depends on not only the “Solar Energy” and the “Lunar Energy” we absorb from our surroundings but even the “Stellar Energy” (that also surrounds us, the same way, as the Solar Energy and the Lunar Energy surround us), absorbed by us from our surroundings.

It is not true that that we absorb only the Solar Energy and the Lunar Energy from our surroundings.

We absorb even what is known as “Stellar Energy” from our surroundings the same way as the Solar Energy and the Lunar Energy, as illustrated through the following diagram.

It is akin to the “ib” type of the numbers depicted in the form of “a ± ib” — in the mathematics.

However, till such time that any new terminology is developed — we may call the “Anatomical Health” as “a-Type of Health” and the type of the health that depends on the absorption of the Stellar Energies as “ib-Type of Health”.

We know that when the sunrays fall on our body — our skin converts them into Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3.

We also know that the lunar month is linked to the menstruation periods of the women.

Though, it may have been investigated in the past — we do not seem to be much aware of how the absorption of the stellar energy impacts our health, as of now.

If the sun rays have an impact and even the lunar energy has some impact on the human body functions — it makes us believe that such energy should also have some impact on some of our inner perceptions.

The fact is — the same way, as we absorb the other two types of energies cyclically; we absorb the stellar energy also cyclically much the same way.

The impact of the Stellar Energy on our mind

Actually, it was only the science that explains the impact the stellar energy has on our mind that had been termed as “Astrology” — by our ancestors.

If we may call what is known as “Science” today “a-Type of Science” — we may call “Astrology” as “ib-Type of Science” corresponding to the “ib-part” of “a ± ib”.

We remain alive only as long as the “ib” is “positive” but we die the moment it turns into a “negative number”.

The cyclic nature of the impact of the “Stellar Energy” is linked to the orbital periods of the other geocentric planets of earth namely, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.

The fact is — it was a gross misconception that even non-cyclic of things that happen in our life could be predicted through astrology.

Some other arms of “ib-type of Science”

The research done by the Japanese Dr Masaru Emoto on the memory of water [1], throws light on the wisdom hidden behind the practice of keeping a small bowl of copper filled with water at the feet of the deity, in which they even dip a few leaves of the holy basil, while praying to god.

We may treat even this part of Science as “ib-Type of Science”.

This water is known as “Charanamrit” and a spoonful of it is distributed to all the devotees on their palms in India, in the temples.

The fact is — when we chant various Sanskrit Mantras and recite our prayers, the same not only get absorbed in this water, it gets converted into a sort of nectar only.

Surely, it gives us a hint that the ancestors of the Hindus must have done such research on the water in their own way, before they should have introduced such practice in the country.

This is just one out of a whole host of such things.

Next, let us talk about the custom of the youngsters seeking blessings of their elders by bowing down to touch their feet.

Most of people have stopped this practice thinking it is an outmoded practice.

I am sure they have discontinued this practice out of their ignorance of the wisdom hidden behind this ancient practice.

The fact is, when we bow down from our waistline we not only, perforce, perform a yogic exercise of our spine, it prompts the elders to bring their palm upside down over the head of the youngsters to bless them and when they do so — though science has yet to prove it, an aural type of energy flows out of their palms which gets permeated into the minds of the youngsters.

The same way, as people had almost discontinued the practice of exposing their bodies to the sunrays in India when the British people started pooh-poohing them that it was something very insane, though now, even they know — they were quite mistaken about it; they have stopped even this practice by and large.

Though our ancestors would not have bothered to know that the Vitamin D is nothing but Cholecalciferol, it is now sold across the medicine-counters all over the world, today.

Of course, they had no interest to develop the pharmacology as a big industry, during their times.

What was true of the Cholecalciferol, is true of so many other things, also.

For instance take the case of making so many spices a part of the Indian diet as long as since more than even 14000 years.

The practice of using various spices in their natural form

They had discovered that it was possible to make the food itself so much therapeutic that it could build enough resistance in our body so that we did not fall sick, now and then by telling us which condiments we should use as spices in our daily diet.

The only difference is — they had no interest to find out things such as the oil of the black cumin seeds (Nigela Sativa L.) benefits us because it has the following chemical ingredients.

(i) Thymoquinone

(ii) p-cymene

(iii) α-thujene

(iv) Thymohydroquinone

(v) Longifolene.

The scientists make such researches only so that they may develop such ingredients synthetically instead of using them in their natural form.

They anyway, now, agree that it was their misgiving that any diseases could be cured through chemicals only.

Actually, the Nature blends these chemicals by mixing various “Natural Excipients” in various spices which benefit the “ib-Type of our Health”.

The chemicals benefit the “a-Type of our Health”, only.

The same is the case with the past practice of never eating stale foods, in India.

What is stale and what is not stale according to the past Indian norms of staleness

The people in their sixties can tell you that when they were young they never ate anything stale even by a few hours.

In their lunch, they used to be served loaves — being prepared, in the kitchen, side by side.

Right at this moment, I have a packet of “Lays Potato Chips”, which bears “July 14, 2020” as the “Date of Manufacture” and an Expiry Date “Best before Four from Manufacture”.

The moment, I kept one chip in my mouth, I may tell you — I could immediately tell that it was, by no means, Fresh.

But when we eat such chips, we hardly even notice that we are eating stale chips.

For sure, our ancestors have never been eating anything so stale ever in their life nor did they never eat anything cooked in crystal clear ultra-refined oils as we people don’t mind cooking.

In the past, when we did not have any Fridges, ladies used to cook only as much food as was not left over uneaten.

If anything was left uneaten, it used to be kept either on the terraces so that birds could eat it or used to be kept outside their houses so that stray animals could have eaten the leftovers.

No doubt, when we keep the leftover food in a Fridge and eat it the next day we eat only something that is, no more, fresh.

This is, actually, the main reason why our ancestors did not suffer from problems such as High BP, Diabetes and Arthritis or clogging of the cardiac veins as often as we people suffer these days.

I suggest that we, better, stop eating all such packaged snacks, hence forth and eat only what has not become stale, following the same practice as used to be followed by our ancestors since the stale foods spoil our “ib-Type of Health”.





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