The extent to which modernization has driven us away from Nature

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
6 min readDec 15, 2020

We, very well, know why we started drinking RO water instead of drinking the normal water — we used to pump out of the earth or pull up from the wells in the past which used to always suit us from the health point of view.

But as the tanneries, the chemical plants, the paper mills, the distilleries and the factories that refine the oils and the sugar started discharging their effluents into the rivers, it became very unsafe to drink the normal water since lots of harmful chemicals started degrading the quality of water day by day.

But it was not till we did not discover that though the RO water purifiers removed most of the impurities — they removed even many of such minerals that are very essential for our health.

So much so, Czech and Slovak countries had started supplying OR water even on taps.

Naturally, they were the first countries to have raised the alarm that it was not safe to use only RO water since it caused an acute deficiency of calcium and potassium in the body.

The fact is — our ancestors never had any such problem since they did not have any tanneries or any chemical plants during their days.

Our ancestors never wore shoes made of leather nor were they so crazy about using everything only in its refined form just like us.

They drank only natural water, which has become so unfit today, without any fear and never faced deficiency of any minerals.

They used to travel on the horses and the camels — not on the cars which belch out gases having large contents of lead and sulphur which are injurious for our health.

Naturally, it has ruined the quality of even the air we breathe in these days.

So all such problems have cropped up due to the advent of the new lifestyle we have adopted.

Actually, if Nature also had a system of convicting us for the way we started ruining the quality of the water and air — it would have pulled us up as criminals as we pull up our criminals into courts.

This explains why our ancestors had given the Nature the status of a mother.

They had given even the Earth the status of a mother since they knew — we can’t survive without eating food and we can’t get our food unless we may be able to grow all vegetables and crops on it.

Nor could we have had any fruits to eat or any fowls to give us eggs or animals and fish to provide us with meat.

So, though we are happy at what all we have achieved in our life through modernisation — we have made our environment unfit for us to live in the process when we look at how tonnes and tonnes of glassware, melmoware, the ceramic crockery and the polyurethane throwaway type of dishes and tumblers that gets dumped into ground progressively year by year.

Just imagine what would happen in the extreme case when the entire Earth gets replaced by such non-degradable wastes only.

We shall not be able to grow any vegetables or any crops on it and shall make the Earth a dust bin.

Over a time, we shall make the entire Earth unfit to grow anything on it.

So we are, knowingly or unknowingly, digging our own grave — day by day.

God has provided enough of sunlight that lets our skin convert it into vitamin D in our body.

Yet we are facing deficiency of vitamin D since we do not like to get exposed to the sunrays.

How many of us express our gratitude to god for having evolved a system by which the sunrays let the trees convert the carbon- dioxide we breathe out into oxygen that is so essential for us for our survival?

Though it is true that science has enlightened about so many things our ancestors may not have been aware of but we should also keep in our mind that there are certain things our ancestors were aware of which science may never be able to make us aware of.

Proof of Intelligence of Nature

We get a glimpse of such things in which science has lagged behind the early man by looking at the shape and the design of the kernels of the walnuts.

The shape and the design of the kernel of the walnuts, resembles the shape and the design of the human brain.

Just think — how Nature could have come to know how the human brain looks like?

We came to know its shape only by seeing the brain taken out of the skull by break-opening the human skull — through our eyes.

But we know — Nature has no eyes.

So, a question arises — unlike us, how Nature should have been able to see the shape of the human brain?

Does it not confirm that it is possible to see how something looks like even by something that may not have any eyes?

Now think — why Nature should have thought of giving the kernels of the walnuts, such a shape?

Obviously with an intention of making us aware of the fact that the kernels of this fruit are beneficial for our brain only — such as are described at

The fact that Nature should have thought the necessity of communicating to us about such properties of the walnuts proves that even Nature is intelligent enough.

Just think — shall science be ever able to delve into the issues such as “The ability of the Nature to see things without eyes and its intelligence?”

No, isn’t?

So, don’t you think, Indians were not idiots who used to spend the most of their time amidst Nature and used to express their gratitude to the God not thinking a wee bit — whether we are able to see him or not?

We should feel obliged to him for his having provided us every such thing that are required by us to stay alive and lead a happy life on the Earth.

He made every arrangement to have ensured that we may lead a happy life on the Earth.

If we are unhappy, we are unhappy due to our own creations.

The role Apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp play in our life today

Nowadays, everybody is so preoccupied with his own affairs that he does not have time to spend even with his parents.

Though the parents are lucky that they can remain engrossed in the Apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp for some of their time but we have to agree — they don’t serve the same purpose what their friends or children can serve to save them from going into depression due to loneliness.

Though these Apps also save them from going into depression to great deal, but if they have no other occupation to keep themselves busy, it can go a long way to let them not feel aghast of the inability of their friends and children to give an opportunity to talk with them for at least ten to twelve minutes a day or a week because it would save them from feeling unhappy for the whole day or the week.

These Apps can’t provide the type of company only the friends or children can provide them — not even the pets.

If anybody feels uncomfortable due to absence of human company, howsoever best he may try; he can’t get rid of his discomfort without gaining access to physical company of human beings which such Apps may never provide — not even meditation.



Subhash Chandra Sawhney

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