The positive role of Zodiac Science in our life

No doubt — what can be detected through cryo-electron microscope couldn’t have been detected through crystallography and what could have been detected through crystallography couldn’t have been detected through the first-generation microscopes and what could have been detected through first-generation microscopes could not have been detected through naked eyes.

But what about the things, that can be seen through the naked eyes?

Certainly, it did not require any microscopes to know what happens in our life depending on the zodiac positions of the astrological planets, which are placed at the following distances from the earth, in the ascending order of their average distance from the earth.

(i) Moon at an average distance of 0.002569 AU (384,400 km).

(ii) Venus at an average distance of 0.27 AU.

(iii) Mars at an average distance of 0.52 AU.

(iv) Mercury at an average distance of 0.61 AU.

(v) Sun at an average distance of 1.00 AU.

(vi) Jupiter at an average distance of 4.20 AU.

(vii) Saturn at an average distance of 8.58 AU.

(viii) Uranus at an average distance of 18.20 AU.

(ix) Neptune at an average distance of 29.10 AU.

The fact is — what is depicted in the following diagram, happened to be true in the past, is true even today and shall continue to be true even in the future.

Let us not think that we have become wiser after having identified that when sun rays fall on our skin, they create things such as vitamin D3 in our body or after having learnt their molecular formulae.

The fact is there is no change in the manner in which the exposure of the sun rays improves our health.

It is the same as it was in the past and shall continue to be the same even in the future, ever.

To know that the exposure of the sun rays improves our health makes no difference in whether we knew or did not know — which vitamin is produced by them in our body so long as we knew that since it was beneficial to expose our body to the sun rays, we should expose our body to them and our ancestors, fully well, were quite aware of the benefits that accrue to us when we expose our body to the sun rays.

This explains — why it did not make any difference whether we had cryo-electron microscope or the types of space telescopes we have placed in the space to know more about the details about the distant stars and the distant galaxies. They did not require any such microscopes or telescopes to have worked on what we may better call “Zodiac Science”, instead of “Astrology”.

Of course, it can’t be denied it would be wrong to take it for granted that the astrology developed by them, three or four millennia back was something that shall not need any revision, ever.

The reasons why we can’t bank upon the same astrology that had been developed by our ancestors three or four millennia back

The reasons are very obvious.

Take the case of our fascination to use only the chemically refined products such as refined crystalline sugar and the refined cooking oils by us in our life and taking various medicines in the pharmaceutical form instead of their herbal forms.

When our ancestors had developed astrology, they used to eat everything in their natural form — not in their refined form or in their genetically modified form.

Take the case of vitamin C, for instance.

They always took them in vitamin C in its natural form only — never in its pharmaceutical form.

We have become prone to so many new maladies such as Diabetes, Coronary complications only because we stopped taking various things such as fruits and their juices in their natural form.

For instance, it had become a fad to use saccharine (C6H16CONHSO2), as a sweetener since in its commercial form, it is 375 times sweeter than sugar, has a longer shelf life and does not contain calories but little did we realize that Nature produces only such sweeteners which are not injurious to our health.

As we know, saccharine had been banned in the 1970s since it was found to be cancerous for the bladder.

Actually, diabetes was an unknown disease in the past. People are known to have been consuming sugar without any fear and it never made them obese.

However, since we know excessive use of sugar makes us obese, obviously — it can’t be without a reason.

The reason is hidden in the use of chemically refined sugar instead of using the jaggery as a sweetener.

We are, perhaps, not aware that vitamin D2 is a type of excipient Nature uses in some of the herbs and some of the fruits.

Actually what we thought was “refining”, was actually stripping the Nature’s products of the natural excipients as if they should be some sort of impurities — which they are, obviously, not.

We forgot that much the same way as we use certain excipients in pharmaceutics as a carrier of the active chemicals or as emulsifiers or fillers — Nature also uses a bit of molasses the jaggery contains as an excipient for the sugar so that it did not make us obese.

It is really sad that we thought that Nature may be so much dummy-headed as we assumed it to be.

Actually, we were dummy-headed for having assumed that we should remove the Nature’s excipients and thought it made more sense using Nature’s bounties only after refining them.

When astrology was developed — our eating habits were far different.

So we have to realize that we can’t lean on the ancient astrology.

Not only the use of everything in its refined form; it was also not in vogue to get the malfunctioning organs such as kidneys or eyes transplanted with the healthy organs donated by others.

Nor was it possible to transfuse the blood of other people in our body to save a life.

Though, as of now, we don’t realize that such things have necessitated a changeover of the ancient astrology — the sooner we recognise the need of restructuring astrology, the better.

It does not make sense to think that what they had developed long back wouldn’t have required any amends ever.

For instance, one immediate change it required was to have replaced the Raahu and Ketu (Two lunar nodes) with Uranus and Neptune.

Have Indian astrologers ever thought of banishing the use of the Raahu and Ketu as astrological planets, ever?

Nor would they ever think — perhaps.

With the passage of time, the way our ladies in India have discarded the Saari and Salwars as their dress and have adopted jeans and the men-folks have discarded wearing Dhoti and Angarkha in favor of the pants and coats — it is surprising why they should not have thought of developing at least a westernised version of Panchang, to be adopted by their western brethren.

But what we see — every astrologer uses his own version of astrology in India.

Don’t you think — no scientific study can be carried out unless everybody used the same version of astrology everywhere in the world by doing away with the huff-huff and standardizing it instead of everybody using his own version of astrology at his will as if astrology was just a game of kids — not a science.



A mechanical engineer,born in year 1939, lives in Lucknow, India. Has authored five books. Website; Facebook sawhney.lko

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Subhash Chandra Sawhney

A mechanical engineer,born in year 1939, lives in Lucknow, India. Has authored five books. Website; Facebook sawhney.lko