The reason why theists outnumber the atheists and agnostics by such a large majority

Subhash Chandra Sawhney
6 min readJan 18, 2021


According to the sociologists Ariela Keysar and Juhem Navarro-Rivera’s review of numerous global studies on atheism, 93% per cent of the people are neither atheists nor agnostics.

So there has to be a reason why the theists outnumber the atheists or agnostics by such a large majority.

If we look for the probable reasons, we find that there are two types of people who comprise the 93% of the world’s population of theists — those who are theists only because their parents happen to be theists and those who have had a chance of having come across some such anecdotes that have convinced them that there has to be some super-divine power in the world though it is not physically visible to us.

Even I happen to belong to the other category who, have come across a few such incidents that have convinced me that there has to be some unknown power that regulates some of the very ingenious systems of the world.

Though I had covered one of such incidents even in the article “Is everything that can’t be explained by science — a superstition?” that had appeared on on August 23, 2019; I am narrating it once again below.

An ingenious system that appears to be regulated by some super-divine power only

This anecdote took place in my own life when I got married in the year 1957 to a gynaecologist.

During those days, I used to work as an Engineer Trainee in a public-sector undertaking, situated in South India.

Though ours was the very first batch of engineers recruited from all over the country, about forty of us — yet there were not more than five or six North Indians in our batch.

So we had made an exclusive group of North Indians and the Chief Medical Officer of the company had also joined us.

Since our company announced some vacancies of doctors for its hospital, I asked my wife also to apply against this announcement.

Not only because the CMO belonged to our group but also because it was a practice of giving preference to the close relatives of the employees to fill up their vacancies in the company — I was damn sure that she was going to be selected against these vacancies.

But, to my great surprise — the CMO raised some objection, instead of selecting her against these vacancies.

Though she got eventually appointed in the company when I told the General Manager that she was working as a Gazetted Officer in a Government Hospital before the marriage; there should not have been any genuine reason for her getting rejected — I got so much annoyed with the CMO that I cursed him that he may have to live amidst lepers for the rest of his life for his such an unbecoming attitude.

Though I even forgot that I had cursed him like this out of anger — you would be surprised to know what transpired in the life of the CMO, thereafter.

Within a month, the CMO conducted Appendectomy on the wife of the General Manager even though, it was not called for.

The moment — the General Manager came to know that it was not at all necessary to have conducted such surgical procedure; he issued marching orders to the CMO, giving him three months’ notice to look out for another job.

Should I tell you — even though he was an ‘FRCS’, he could not get a job anywhere except at a missionary hospital attached to the rehabilitation of lepers about 120 km further down from there, as if somebody had settled the score on my behalf.

Don’t you think — such a thing couldn’t have happened unless there is some system in place that not only listens to our curses and blessings but even attends to them?

Just think of the type of system that should be in place.

Who must be the workhorses of such a system, obviously — souls only?

Here are a few more examples that also support this view.

The example of Baba Vanga

Just think, how Baba Vanga (1911–1996), the Bulgarian mystic, could have told the people who called on her, after the World War II came to an end, to find if she could have told them whether any of their kith and kin were still alive and if so, where they should look out for them? We know that she was able to tell them.

Photo of Baba Vanga

She was a blind lady.

Moreover, she had herself told that when she used to tell where they could find them, she could see by her inner vision some sort of birds flying over her head which she thought to have been some souls only.

The example of Natasha Demkina

Just think, how was Natasha Demkina (1987 — ) able to see with her normal eyes what we could have seen only on an X-ray machine?

Photo of Natasha Demkina — The Girl with X-Ray Vision

The example of the famous French Opera Singer Emma Calvé

Just think, how Emma Calvé (1858–1942) could have got an intuition that something tragic had occurred with her daughter when she was performing in an opera in America that she had a fainting feeling that had stirred her up out of wits?

Her suspense had come to an end only when the receptionist of the hotel where she was staying told her that they got a message for her that her daughter got burnt in a kitchen fire. So she should rush back to her apartment.

Photo of Emma Calvé — the famous Operatic Soprano

The fact is — an answer to all such questions had been found out by the Indian mendicants as far back as more than 6000 years ago that we, not only, have a soul that resides in our body that controls our intelligence as well as our subconscious mind, it happens to be a non-physical entity which can set up a link with the souls of the people who may be seeing what may be happening somewhere far away from us and what talks may be going thereby establishing a link with the souls of the people who may be listening what conversations may be going on there.

According to me, such a link is not only very close to the type of the link we establish these days through what we call “Wi-Fi” this Wi-Fi permeates the entire universe.

We may assume that we can’t notice the presence of our soul since it remains, most of the time, in a dormant mode.

But it becomes active only when we turn on this Wi-Fi.

They also made it out that when we die our souls carry all information they may have captured when the person in whom she had been residing when he or she may have been alive.

They also made out that the souls can’t be burnt, can’t become wet when soaked in water nor ever died as the human beings die.

Of course, the scientists have very clearly told that since physics and chemistry deal with only the things that have a physical existence — they shall be unable to do any research on the souls.

But a question arises — should we call off our research on the existence of such super-divine power or keep our faith on the existence of such a power alive even though this topic does not fall within the scope of science?



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